Tomorrowland had all it’s social media accounts blacked out two weeks back, which lead to a lot of curiosity and speculations within the community.

The Tomorrowland theme for 2020 will be ‘The Reflection of Love’ which will be based on Space, Light, and Love. The following source code has been obtained from the official Tomorrowland website:

The festival has also introduced a new type of tickets which will be rolled out from the year 2020. The tickets are called Surprise Tickets. The official website has revealed that on purchasing these tickets, one will not know what kind of ticket has been purchased by them, until a few days before the festival.

On the contrary, majority of the people believed that the blackout was due to a hint related to Swedish House Mafia. The announcement of SHM for Tomorrowland would be a major hit for the festival.

Pre-registration for Tomorrowland 2020 has already started. Click here to pre-register now. Stay tuned to our page for further updates and news.